Is survival of the fittest the best choice?

In this competitive world almost everybody is in a hurry to win the race. Imagine a situation: at the bus terminus two buses are ready to go to the destination of the choice of the people. One bus is brand new, and the second one is an old bus in bad condition. The driver of the second bus is on the steering wheel and is pressing the accelerator time and again : the conductor is also inviting people to board the bus.

Interestingly the second bus gets filled at speed and leaves for the destination while the brand new bus is still waiting for its first passenger.

The need of the hour is not the survival of the fittest but the survival of the quickest. Life is small and the competition is fierce so the need is to learn everything in the quickest possible way and implement also in the quickest way as well so that you can command and make the best use of your life.

It is important to remember that research and development is a continuous process. Your every professional performance is indeed the rehearsal for the next performance. You are striving for excellence and not perfection thus your every next performance is better than the previous one.