Power of being selfish

Are you aware of the power of being selfish? Do you wonder how some people get the support from others to fulfill their dream projects while some feel frustrated that people around them do not support their goals? Many people feel confused between being selfish and being self centred. Is being selfish something negative or positive? Being selfish is 100% positive while being self centred is 100% negative.

When you focus on being selfish then you initiate the process of knowing self. Once you know what exactly you want then you will have the opportunity to develop the relevant strategic planning to achieve it so that everyone around supports you. And you will live a fulfilling life.

While being self centered your 100% focus is on self only. You are least concerned about the feelings of the others. Even without your awareness, you tend to use them for your own benefits. In the process you lose respect in their eyes. You feel alone in the long run, feeling irritated and frustrated. In this world you need to take people along as you alone can not do everything. Focus to be selfish as that way you live in bliss and help others live in bliss as well.