The secret to achieve resolutions

Do you make resolutions and then struggle to achieve those?
Resolution is a solution to be implemented, so before defining a resolution, as the first step, make sure that your resolution is specific; I am obese and need to slim down is not specific but I need to reduce my weight by 20 kg in three months is specific.

Is your resolution attainable? It’s wise to ensure whether your resolution to be implemented is possible or not. You can’t increase your height by 2 inches within a day unless you wear your shoes with a heel of 2 inches.

Is your resolution measurable? I will meet five new clients within a day, it is measurable but I will meet many that are not.

Is your resolution trackable? When your daily information is recorded somewhere, like on your phone, apps or somewhere on your mirror then it is trackable.

Make sure that you develop a habit: If you have a determination to repeat your performance at least for 28 days then only it becomes your habit. If the cycle is broken then restart it. Remember if you keep doing what you have always done then you keep getting what you have always got. That way your resolutions disappear just like air bubbles. So identify your resolution and make it specific, measurable, attainable, trackable and develop a habit.