The secret to establishing commitment of your team

Majority of people complain that their team members are not committed. Let’s discuss simple and practical steps to be implemented in the right sequence:
Step 1 – tell them what to do in clear and specific terms means the goal both of you have agreed upon.
Step 2- ask if they can do it, that is focusing on their competence.
Step 3- ask them how they will do it, that is focusing on the process. Most of the people only assume, they rarely confirm it.
Step 4- ask them if they will do it, that is, focusing on their commitment. Many people here again only assume that their team members will do it while the fact is they might not because of multiple reasons. But this is the most important step to remember and implement.
Step 5- ask by what time, that is, focusing on the deadline. A deadline only makes the goal complete.
Step 6- the most relevant part is a timely follow up by you, that is focusing on the accountability. Without regular follow up the team members lose their motivation to perform so this is the most important step to be implemented.

This process insures the commitment of your team members. Thus, you get all the results that you want and that too without any pressure.